Dr. DiPasquale’s Italy Gemmotherapy & Yoga Excursion

Herbal Medicine in Italy3-credit summer elective, no prerequisites with Robin DiPasquale, ND, RH (AHG)September 1st – 16th, 2012

In this two-week intensive, the group will explore herbal medicine, its history, folklore and culture, plant identification, medicinal preparations, and clinical applications. You will interface with the Italian culture and people in three different regions in Italy – Colipardo in the region of Lazio, Salerno in the region of Campania, and Sansepolcro in the region of Tuscany. You will visit herb companies, herb museums, gardens, and spend time with herbalists, botanists, teachers, and people who love plants and plant medicine.

Yoga classes will be woven throughout the course to help maintain balance and centering. After meeting in Rome on the first morning of the class, you will travel as a group to Collepardo in central Italy, tucked up close to the mountains of the Abruzzo region. Here you will take an excursion to the monastery La Certosa di Trusulti a Collepardo, hike the trail along the river to “Peschio Belvedere,” identifying over 50 plants of the region with herbalist Marco Sarandrea and botanist Walter Culicelli, and pursue the study of gemmotherapy at the Sarandrea laboratory and through clinical applications with Dr. Roberto Miccinilli.

Next, you will venture into the south of Italy, to the Mediterranean coast and the city of Salerno – home to the oldest medical school in Europe.  You will study in the Minerva Garden, bringing alive the four elements energetic system of western herbal medicine, interface with the Salerno Medical School and affiliate organizations, hike along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast “Path of the Gods,” identifying flora of the region along the way, and take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea by the enchanting seaside town of Positano. Wrapping up your experience in Italy, you will journey to Sansepolcro, a medieval town along the Tiber River in the eastern edge of the Tuscany region.  During your stay here, you will visit the herb company Aboca and learn about their manufacturing standards and practices, as well as tour their fields of medicinal herbs, explore the Medieval Garden in Perugia where ancient myth and history come alive with the plants, bicycle along the Tiber River Valley, identify medicinal plants and stop for a refreshing dip in the river, and hike the Apennine Mountains for more plant identification and exploration through Italy’s native wilderness.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Robin DiPasquale has been traveling with students to study herbal medicine in Italy for the past 10 years.  She is a naturopathic physician and herbalist, former chair of the botanical medicine department at Bastyr, and founder of the Herbal Sciences program.  Robin will infuse your spirit with the essence of plant medicine and quiet your soul with regular yoga practice.  Dr. DiPasquale currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where she has a full time naturopathic practice, consults with patients through the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine program, teaches gemmotherapy, and grows medicinal plants in her ever expanding garden.   When snow is not covering the ground, Robin spends her free time walking the prairie, studying the native plants of the Midwest.

Cost for the course:This is a university 3-credit elective course, available for college credit or for audit. The cost for tuition if taking the class for credit is $1680. ($560 per credit)The cost for tuition if auditing the class is $960. ($320 per credit) In addition to the tuition, there is a $2,150 activity fee. This covers transportation within Italy for the two weeks, shared accommodations, two meals a day (three meals on some days), and entry to all places the class visits.  NOT covered in this activity fee are the cost of 3-credit tuition cost (see just above), your airfare to and from Italy, and your personal spending money.  So, total cost for students auditing the course is $3110. plus airfare.Although this is a substantial amount of money, it is extremely inexpensive for a 16-day excursion through the inner sanctuaries of the herbal medicine world in Italy.  Robin’s experience, along with the collection of Italian herbalists, botanists, and natural medicine practitioners, will expand your boundaries of knowledge about plants and healing, about culture, and about yourself.

There are no prerequisites to register, except a passion to learn more about herbal medicine and Italian culture.  The course is designed to meet you where you are in your path of learning about herbal medicine.   COURSE REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR NON-BASTYR STUDENTS: Registration for the class will begin Tuesday, January 17, 2012.Contact Mike Hall in Registrar’s Office at Bastyr University (mhall@bastyr.edu, 425.602.3010) to register.

Registration is limited to 25 students (priority given to current Bastyr students), with a minimum of 15 students required to make the class run. A deposit of $400 is required to hold your space in the class at the time of registration.  Please submit your deposit to Shirley Ostermeyer in the Student Accounts office (sostermeyer@bastyr.edu, 425.602.3365).  You will have to contact her directly and make the payment.  This will be applied towards the total activity fee for the course.  The $400 deposit will become non-refundable on the last day of the winter quarter, March 16th, 2012.  You do not have a reserved space in the class until you have made this deposit payment through Shirley.

DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR PLANE TICKETS UNTIL THE CLASS IS CONFIRMED.  In order for the class to run, we must have 15 students registered with their deposits paid by March 16th.  The class may be confirmed sooner, depending on how fast the class fills and if deposits are paid on-time.  You will be contacted via e-mail with a green light to buy your plane tickets when the class is confirmed.


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