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All webinars are hosted by Webex and are 2 hour sessions that meet Tuesdays for either 5 or 8 weeks.

Webinars are worth CE credits (not pharmacy) and cost $125 for students enrolled in accredited colleges

and $250 for licensed practitioners.

Students receive a workbook, a certificate and a DVD of all the sessions as a part of the cost.

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  • Intro to Gemmotherapy in Animals

  • Gemmos in Emergencies for Animals

  • How to Manage Chronic Disease in Animals with Gemmos

  • How to Manage Chronic Disease in Animals with Gemmos Part II

Vet Talks are hosted by Webex and are 2 hour sessions, the cost is $20.

We will email you the slides before, and the recording after the talk.


Webinar DVDs are now available to purchase:

Essential Hypertension, Essential Therapies with Robin DiPasquale, ND, RH (AHG)

Lyme Disease with Robin DiPasquale, ND, RH (AHG)

Introduction to Gemmotherapy with Robin DiPasquale, ND, RH (AHG)

Advanced Gemmotherapy with Robin DiPasquale, ND, RH (AHG)

Introduction to Veterinary Gemmotherapy with Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH

Gemmos in Emergencies with Animals with Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH

How to Manage Chronic Disease in Animals with Gemmos with Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH, Reiki Master

How to Manage Chronic Disease in Animals with Gemmos Part II with Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH, Reiki Master


To register for a webinar, or to order a DVD, please email info@gemmos-usa.com or call toll free 877-417-6298






I want to thank you for hosting this program. I also learnt about Gemmo’s with Dr Gueniot and Adams and I can appreciated the little tid bits that Robin would include i.e. about miasms and the oligoelements that can be found in the gemmos which is a major part of my practice. So once again… Thank you. –Emile Compan B.Sc. N.D.

Thanks – I’ve done gemmo courses before- your is best. –Penny Seth-Smith

Thank you. I loved the class. I found the information helpful and useful. It was easy to apply the remedies right away. I have already started to see results in my clients and their well being GREAT new tool to work with. –Denise Talbot

Great webinar! Robin’s knowledge is so comprehensive; the printed materials were a great reference during the session and will be very useful in the future. I am eager to put the info I gained into practice. –Stephanie Varozza

Yes! I loved the webinar. In fact I have talked it up among colleagues. I thought you all did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to use Gemmos in practice. I am still a student at this time (graduating this June) and so I am not ordering them for my patients yet. Many of the Docs that I am working “under” have no experience with Gemmos and therefore don’t really want me prescribing them for patients. I have ordered a few for personal use and plan to keep experimenting on myself as we students love to do. Does your company offer any special deals for someone like myself just starting practice and needing to invest in inventory? –Carol Davis

Good morning Michael and Robin,
I would like to thank you both for a wonderful class. I learned a lot over the course of the study. Robin, you are a wonderful teacher and I hope to someday take a class with you in person. Many thanks, –Maria Bowling L.Ac.

Thanks for the case studies. I also just sent two studies for Robin’s review. If it’s not possible for her to review them, I understand. I read this update after sending her the information. This class has been extraordinarily informative. Helpful in ways beyond my expectations and I am deeply appreciative for being a part of the Gemmos formulations. –Desiree Cromwell, Monterey, CA

Hello Michael,Thank you (and Robin) for a great webinar- it was very informative and useful. I look forward to any advance webinar in 2010. –Rainer Orth

Thanks for the catalog and putting together a wonderful class. Dr. Dipasqualie is an excellent naturopath and the main reason I signed on to this class. Her knowledge and honesty are greatly appreciated. –Stephany Porter, ND, The Bodhi Clinic ,Millersville, MD

Dr. DiPasquale shares her wealth of knowledge on the subject of gemmotherapy, in this interactive, visually appealing, tour de force webinar. I highly recommend it! –Mark Orbay B.Sc., N.D.

Robin DiPasquale is a knowledgeable and passionate presenter willing to share all her rich experience and proven protocols. The course has given me an in-depth understanding of how to successfully use Gemmo’s in my practice. I am happy to recommend it to all my colleagues. –Alessandra Morassutti RNP